UNNECESSARY FARCE (Act II): 60-second review

Officers Eric Sheridan (Anthony Lawton) and Billie Dwyer (Karen Peakes) tie up Todd (Jake Blouch) in Act II Playhouse's UNNECESSARY FARCE. Photo by Mark Garvin.

Officers Eric Sheridan (Anthony Lawton) and Billie Dwyer (Karen Peakes) tie up Todd (Jake Blouch) in Act II Playhouse’s UNNECESSARY FARCE. Photo by Mark Garvin.

Act II Playhouse presents Paul Slade Smith’s UNNECESSARY FARCE. There’s a stakeout. Officer Eric Sheridan (Anthony Lawton) and rookie cop Billie Dwyer (Karen Peakes) book adjoining rooms with whistleblower Karen Brown (Susan McKey), the new accountant who uncovered clear embezzlement in the mayor’s office. The room is bugged and set to catch Karen confront Mayor Meekly (Tom Teti) with the ledgers. Just as the meeting begins Agent Frank (Akeem Davis), the mayor’s protector, enters the picture and botches the confrontation. Of course, nothing else goes as planned either as the mayor’s wife Mary (Gerri Weagraff) pops in, an ill-timed budding romance begins, and a murderous kilt-wielding Scot named Todd (Jake Blouch) sets to muddle up the operation.

Director David Bradley hit the nail on the head with this one. The set (Colin McIlvaine) was yet another shining star at Act II.  This show was hilarious the entire way through and was reminiscent of old-school SNL style humor.  The characters were unpredictable and likeable but most of all ridiculously funny. It has adult themes so leave the kids at home and make a night of it in Ambler. It’s just what you need to break the cabin fever.  [Act II Playhouse, 56 E. Butler Avenue, Ambler, PA].  February 24–March 29, 2015. act2.org.

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