Olivia Sebesky


Theater in Sketch: THE ROSES IN JUNE (Seagull Productions)

Chuck Schultz reviews in words and image.

3. SSulby, SANCTUARY, Valkyrie, phto CRosegg

[NYC] SANCTUARY (Yardley Productions): One woman’s impassioned call for peace

An original multimedia solo show explores the impact of war on women throughout the world and across time, while considering the role they could, and should, play to bring peace to our planet.

Raviv Ullman, Bill Pullman, and Holly Hunter in STICKS AND BONES. Photo credit: Monique Carboni

[NYC] STICKS AND BONES (The New Group): A revival with a local connection is attracting attention in New York

STICKS AND BONES vents Vietnam era fury against a war that sent an endless stream of young men home damaged or in body bags.