Madeline Raube is back in Philadelphia for ANASTASIA at the Academy of Music

Photo by Jeremy Daniel

The Broadway musical, Anastasia, is returning to Philadelphia this month in full regal splendor. The show first premiered on Broadway in 2017 and combines original music with popular songs from the movie. The hit adaption recounts the legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia.  Anastasia star, Madeline Raube, is making her national tour debut in the role of Countess Lily. The NYC-based actress, who has local ties to our area, talks about the show to Phindie.

[Academy of Music. 240 S Broad Street] November 23-28, 2021; 

Debra Danese: What three words best describe Countess Lily?

Madeline Raube: Lily is bold, vivacious, and sophisticated!

DD: What is your favorite one- on- one moment in the show?

MR: I love my scene and duet with Bryan Seastrom, who plays Vlad Popov. The song “The Countess and the Common Man” is packed with romantic and comedic moments that make the audience laugh. Every time we do the number, I discover something new. Lily gets to play and let loose on stage!

DD: What scene do you always watch from the wings?

MR: I always watch Kyla (Anastasia) sing “In My Dreams.” It’s a gorgeous song and she sings it so beautifully. I get chills every time.

Madeline Raube

DD: You list impersonating Bernadette Peters as one of your skill sets. How did you discover your talent for that?

MR: Bernadette Peters is one of my Broadway idols! She has been my favorite since I was a little girl. I used to listen to her Sondheim album on repeat and sing along. I also happen to have wild red curls and big brown eyes just like her, so when I started auditioning for shows I often got the comment that I resembled her! One day I decided to try impersonating her and realized it was pretty good! I have a knack for impersonating voices.

DD: You grew up in Hatboro and recently resided in West Chester, PA. What brought you back to the Philly suburbs?

MR: Yes! I’m very familiar with the Philly suburbs.  During the pandemic I wanted to be with my parents and two sisters, so I left NYC to be at home with them. I cannot wait to perform this show in Philadelphia over Thanksgiving!

DD: What are you enjoying most about being on tour?

MR: So many things! I love traveling and exploring new places. I especially love performing in all of the theaters across the country. This is my first tour and the experience has been truly amazing so far.

[Academy of Music. 240 S Broad Street] November 23-28, 2021; 

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