What is Woke Bingo?

Bingo is an amazing gambling game, not least because it has managed to carve itself out a niche and remain immensely popular without actually being something that you can find in most casinos – play 100 1 roulette. In fact, bingo has historically been something completely separate from the casino gambling industry, something that has led to its position as a non-casino example of a gambling game. 

Regardless of this, bingo is an extremely popular and historically rich game, something that actually gives it far more of a varied and large demographic than other casino gambling examples. Old people love bingo just as much as the younger generation, for instance, which goes a long way in explaining why it remains so popular. But here’s the thing: recently the term woke bingo has emerged, as young people seek to evolve bingo in order to be more “woke”. It has left us all wondering what woke bingo is, but luckily for you, we have the answers!  

A brief overview of woke bingo 

So then, before we get into a few examples and discussion around the subject it’s worth spending a little bit of time to paint an overview of what woke bingo actually is. Well, have you ever thought that some of the classic bingo calls can be a bit offensive to certain members of society? Well, woke bingo aims to cut this out completely! 

But hang on a minute: how can bingo really be that offensive? This is where the term “woke” comes in, as it is used to describe the evolution of social thought towards issues like misogyny, racism, and body positivity. So, even if you don’t think the traditional bingo calls are particularly offensive, you never know, they could really cut deep for somebody else. 

Some woke bingo examples 

It’s hard to really paint a complete picture of what woke bingo is without a few examples, especially if you aren’t particularly up to date with the whole “woke” revolution. As a result, we have decided to list a few of the new woke bingo calls below so you can get an idea of what we are on about: 

  •         68: Late for my Tinder date
  •         83: Gluten-free
  •         9: Get an Uber from mine
  •         39 Love Island time 

As you can see, the terms have been changed in order to echo some of the popular things from the younger generation. 

Do we need woke bingo? 

Here’s a big question though: do we need woke bingo? It is a difficult question to answer with 100% accuracy, however the concept of woke bingo can often be made up to be bigger than it actually is. 

Tabloids like to moan about it, for example, but how many young people do you know who actually play woke bingo over normal bingo?

Will woke bingo ever overtake classic bingo? 

And will woke bingo ever overtake classic bingo for popularity? We wouldn’t bet on it, as the traditional bingo calls are still immensely popular these days, and probably always will be.

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