BALANCE (JheeSha Productions): 2016 Fringe review 76

Excerpted by kind permission from The Dance Journal.

balance-vb_-1200x857Two women gaze intently over their left shoulders, seemingly enthralled by some unseen wonder, as a soft light pours through a vast window onto them. They are surrounded by concrete and empty space, yet their assertive poses seem to fill the enormous warehouse in which they are pictured. This image and several others adorned the small upper floor of the Philadelphia Arts Alliance as one facet of JheeSha Productions’ interdisciplinary piece, BALANCE. VB. TO BALANCE. OFFSET OR COMPARE THE VALUE OF ONE THING WITH ANOTHER. The Kathak performance, choreographed by Sharrie Lister Booker and Jheel Mehta, weaved together photography and dance, narrative and abstraction, the traditional and the contemporary in an exploration of life’s many off-kilter moments.

With their movements and their voices, Jheel Mehta and Sharrie Lister Booker invited their audience to share in a few of their lives’ most uncertain moments. In collaboration with Sam Interrante and Jomy George, the dancers created a poignant piece that emphasized intimacy through multiple artistic media. Despite its occasional trite moment, BALANCE keenly engaged its audience in its interdisciplinary exploration of instability. Read the full review on The Dance Journal >>

[Philadelphia Art Alliance, 251 S 18th Street] September 9, 2016;

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Natalie Gainer for The Dance Journal

Natalie Gainer originally hails from West Virginia but has recently come to call Philadelphia home. She holds a B.A. in Dance Anthropology from Swarthmore College and an M.A. in Dance from Temple University. Her interests center largely on dance as a mechanism for social change and cultural literacy. She took her first ballet class at age three and has since explored a variety of styles. Natalie hopes to eventually pursue a PhD in Dance.