Life in Oz: Interview with Celia Hottenstein in WICKED

Actress Celia Hottenstein has taken on the role of Glinda in the national tour of Wicked. The musical sensation is the 4th longest running Broadway production. Celia shared her thoughts on the show’s popularity and playing the Good Witch. 

[National Tour at the Academy of Music, 240 S. Broad Street] November 1-26, 2023;

Celia Hottenstein as Glinda in the National Tour of WICKED. Photo by Joan Marcus.Debra Danese: What is it about Wicked that you think makes people come back to see it time and again?

Celia Hottenstein: Wicked is about friendship. I think everyone can relate to the love and power that a special friendship holds. This story also seems to always be relevant and resonates with audiences. It’s about not judging someone on your first impression, questioning authority, and having empathy for others. I think that this show also makes people feel empowered, especially the part of them that has been demeaned or misunderstood. It encourages authenticity, which I think everyone ultimately wants- to be the true version of themselves. 

DD: How often did you get to play the role as an understudy in the Broadway production?

CH: I was with the Broadway company for two years and three months; without the time off we had for the pandemic. In that time, I went on for Glinda 10 times.

DD: How natural was it to transition to playing Glinda regularly on tour?CH: At first, it was hard to believe that I was getting to play this role every night for a year. It almost didn’t feel real. It was a pretty natural transition and it has been fun to find my own version of Glinda over these last 6 months. Bringing yourself to a character is what makes it so special.

DD: What are your favorite parts about touring?

Celia Hottenstein

CH: In general, I love travel and adventure. Being able to have a job that allows me to do that for a year is pretty amazing. I love trying out new restaurants, coffee shops, and I really try to get a feel for each city and its culture and the things that make it special. 

DD: Who will be cheering you on during the run in Philadelphia?

CH: I am originally from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area in Pennsylvania, so I have probably over 150 friends and family coming throughout our run in Philadelphia! I’m so grateful to be so close to home with this show.


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