THE LONG TIDES (Nicole Quenelle): 2016 Fringe review 62


Nicole Quenelle’s first self-produced work LONG TIDES is a comic delight! Mrs. Meriwether, an IT specialist working at a call center, moves us though an ocean of time offering witty commentary on the minutia of office life. Everyday life patterns are scrutinized; following her through long corridors with key code access, turnstile apartment entrances, subway rides and park benches, only to return to a windowless cubicle with the only plant strong enough to survive, the cacti.  Also returning to us, her Time Management class attending a three part workshop series.

The layering of story elements, occasional improv, and comedic repetition accompanied with robust sound design breathes life into each new scene often causing you to laugh out loud.

[Asian Arts Initiative, 1219 Vine Street] September 15-22, 2016;


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