WHITE GUY ON THE BUS (Passage): 60-second review

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WhiteGuyWeb1038x483-1Bruce Graham is having the most magnificent year of his playwriting career. His new works so far in 2016, Funnyman and WHITE GUY ON THE BUS not only take Graham to new levels as a dramatist but are important plays, one of which delves shrewdly into one person’s psyche, the other of flinch addresses the thorniest of modern issues with unflinching candor.

Brave and provocative, WHITE GUY ON THE BUS, as directed by Michelle Tattenbaum for Trenton’s Passage Theatre, puts perspective om race relations but adding human nature, unforced reality, and the divided nature of all of us into the equation. It is a play that eschews the bane of political correctness to tackle events, attitudes, and human behavior honestly.
[205 East Front Street, Trenton, NJ] May 5-22, 2016; passagetheatre.org.

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