Tongue & Groove asks “Who Are You? Who who, who who?”

This month, Tongue & Groove Spontaneous Theater is revisiting their popular improv show, WHO, in which the audience is asked to honestly answer the simple question “Who Are You?” The ensemble then creates scenes, monologues, online conversations, and dating situations inspired by the array of real character descriptions from the audience. Or maybe they just start singing a Pete Townsend song.

According to their promotional matieral: “Audiences are engaged not only by the unscripted performance, but also by the fun of wondering who in the audience matches the character descriptions used in the show. For this show, audiences are encouraged to share their identity — who they were, who they are, or who they wish to be — and the ensemble will take those character descriptions and create an array of authentic relationships, both surprising and familiar.”

WHO is part of Tongue & Groove’s monthly series every second Friday at The PlayGround at The Adrienne Theater [2030 Sansom Street] which is now basically an all-improv theater. The series is now in it’s eighth year. This month’s show is August 14 2015. Tickets at

You can go home and sleep tonight if you can get up and walk away.


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