LEAPS OF FAITH AND OTHER MISTAKES (Almanac): 60-second review

leaps-of-faith3Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, comprised of acrobatic performers Nicole Burgio, Nick Gillette, Ben Grinberg, and Adam Kerbel, with music by Patrick Lamborn and phraseology by Josh McIlvain, treat their audiences to a flippin’ fantastic foray into the world of waves and seafaring. Avowing “purity of purpose” the fab foursome set forth from a sofa to explore the high seas fraught with human frailty and tenuous trust. An enthralling medley of dance, feats of flexibility, balance and poise, intertwined with song and story ensues, willing watchers to tense muscles and muse in kind from their seats within the ethereally lighted Sanctuary at Fleischer’s Art Memorial. Indeed, the very theater space is explored and deftly incorporated into the piece.

As Nicole, Nick, Ben and Adam fly forth, donning new names and simple white weeds to “start a new world”, they are full of intent. Excitement and energy abound from their bodies as physical boundaries seem to recede from them.  The seas are changeable however, becoming rough, doldrums set in, and food is not enough; sometimes you get sidetracked, even lost on the seas. Through an amalgamation of vaudevillian vignettes, lively language, lovely lighting (Laura Bickford), sound and melody, LEAPS OF FAITH AND OTHER MISTAKES conveys a metaphor for determining a course by way of conviction and courage. [Fleisher Art Memorial, 719 Catharine Street] June 24-28, 2015; thealmanac.us.


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