BE HERE NOW (Bright Invention): SoLow review

eva-farrellEva Farrell invites us to become mindful through her theater movement piece BE HERE NOW. Through dance, movement, and paint, Farrell explores being present and mindful through play, and how genuine human connection through art and recreation have uplifted her from childhood trauma. Farrell and the rest of Bright Invention (The White Pines Ensemble) transform this South Philly living room into a playroom, paper shielding the floor from Farrell’s crayon etchings and continuous paint-splattering. This autobiographical installation asks us: upon whose shoulders do you stand? Farrell places crayons in your hand and invites you to mark your own foundation, writing your shoulder-providers’ names at your feet. Exuding optimism and joy, Farrell celebrates moments throughout her life when she has felt truly present with another person — or, as she simply yet elegantly states, has felt “seen and loved.”

Early on in BE HERE NOW Farrell delves into dark memories only briefly, but the point of the performance is to play. It is whimsical and not meant to be taken too seriously — as is life. Through these moments of recreation, we learn through BE HERE NOW, people can be re-created. To balance all that kinetic energy, and to help instill a sense of zen, perhaps the performance could have used more moments of stillness and quiet. However, the passion in Farrell’s performance is contagious, and anyone sitting in the front row is guaranteed to get hit with paint. [The Little Living Room Theater, 18th and Tasker streets] June 25-28, 2015,


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