BrainSpunk Theater launches its new home with THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW LIVE!

Sharpen your stilettos! BrainSpunk Theater introduces its new performance space in Kensington with THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW LIVE!, March 5-28, 2015. Formerly the home of Hella Fresh Theater, the PaperMill Arts space has been renovated and improved as the home of the new BrainSpunk Theater.

RockyHorrorFeaturing the strange castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and his band of strangely sexy freaks, Richard O’Brien’s revival stage production began a cult movement that thrives on audience participation. BrainSpunk’s staging will be directed by Christopher King, the company’s artistic director, and star John Schultz as Dr. Frank-n-Furter, Cris Welti as Riff-Raff, Katherine Perry as Magenta, Jackie DiFerdinando as Columbia, Emily McHale as Janet, Bobby Hayes as Brad, Trevor Cahill as Eddie, Ken Sandberg as Rocky, Nancy Segal as Dr. Scott, and Anthony Wilcox as The Narrator. Plus Neena Boyle, Sarah Braverman, Joel Dickerson, Kristen Demers, Samuel Fineman, Kim Greenawalt, Jessie McCormick, Lauren Salvo, and Stephanie Stoner as Transylvanians.

The area around BrainSpunk Theater, located at 2825 Ormes Street, was once known as Philadelphia’s Badlands, but PaperMill Arts’ thriving studio and theater space is claiming it as an artist haven. Hella Fresh carved a niche in this space, but never launched such a full and extensive production. BrainSpunk hopes you’ll be doing the Time Warp with them at their new home. [BrainSpunk Theater, 2825 Ormes Street] March 5-28, 2015;

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