BalletX Winter Series 2015: Norbert De La Cruz III connects classical steps with modern contortions

BalletX Winter Series 2015, running February 18-22, 2015, features the world premiere of Norbert De La Cruz III’s “Talsikan”, the U.S. premiere of Cayetano Soto’s “Malasangre”, the company premiere of Val Caniparoli’s “Triptych”, and the return of Amy Seiwert’s 2011 duet “It’s Not A Cry.” Check out this video (by Alexander Iziliaev), which features De La Cruz talking about his new work, and see some rehearsal photos (by Bill Herbert) below.

De La Cruz is known for his ability to seamlessly connect classical steps with modern contortions. St. Louis Post-Dispatch called him “as much a poet as he is a craftsman”.


De La Cruz’s world premiere features an original score by the emerging San Francisco-based composer Ben Juodvalkis.


Just 26 years old, De La Cruz has already received astounding recognition for his choreography, including a Princess Grace Foundation Award and a Jerome Robbins Foundation NEW Essential Works Grant in 2012. He has created work for Tulsa Ballet II and Hubbard Street 2, in addition two critically acclaimed commissions for Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.


[BalletX at the Wilma Theater, 265 South Broad Street] February 18-22, 2015;

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    1. Thanks for letting me know, the company forwarded them without credit but I should have inquired. As soon as this was posted they got in touch too and asked for the credits to be added. Edited.

      It raises an interesting point: What obligation does a media outlet have to seek and post credit for publicity materials? Does the photographer or the company retain copyright? If a company sends credit we use it, but you often see those same companies post the photos on social media and in email blasts without giving credit.

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