ST. VINCENT (dir. Theodore Melfi): Movie review 

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Jaeden Lieberhar as the young lad who is put in Vincent’s charge so his mother can work a variety of shifts, helps add on the charm, so while “St. Vincent” is not all that different from many another movie and doesn’t grab you or make you feel for its characters, it does hold your interest. Vincent’s virtues, as seen by his “ward” are expressed a little thickly, but Murray and Lieberhar keep you amused enough to enjoy their escapades and their individual moments of introspection. Melissa McCarthy is OK as Lieberhar’s mother. Nothing outstanding, nothing wrong. Naomi Watts is almost unrecognizable as a Russian pole dancer who saves her real intimacy for Vince. Chris O’Dowd has a nice cameo as a priest.

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 77%

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