Women ON THE VERGE: Kittson O’Neill and Jennifer Summerfield on Hedgerow’s wacky new comedy

on-the-verge-hedgerowEric Overmyer’s 1988 comedy ON THE VERGE is hailed for its imagination and wit. The story of three Victorian-era female explorers on a whimsical adventure to “Terra Incognita” opens tomorrow at Hedgerow Theatre.

Directed by Kittson O’Neill, the play provides a too-rare opportunity for three talented female actors to take center stage: Penelope Reed, Jennifer Summerfield, and MaryRuth Stine. In two short and engaging podcasts, the fourth actor in the production, Hedgerow fellow Brock Vickers, sat down to talk to O’Neill and Summerfield about the “wonderfully wacky comedy”.

Bushwacking through Terra Incognita: Jennifer Summerfield

Tonic for the soul: Kittson O’Neill

ON THE VERGE runs January 8-February 8, 2015, at Hedgerow Theatre [64 W. Rose Valley Road, Media, PA], hedgerowtheatre.org.

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