SEMINAR (PTC): Grumpy Professor Review

seminar-ptc-review-grumpySEMINAR by the Philadelphia Theatre Company at the Suzanne Roberts Theater proved to be quite enjoyable for theatergoers. Even though the foul- mouthed professor berated the writing students for most of the play, the dialog was okay for this adult audience. My one complaint was that the playwright did not let us hear what all the criticism was about, nor did we hear one word of anything that the professor had written. The playwright, Theresa Rebeck, knew well how to write comedy. After creating and writing the hit TV show Smash, I wonder why she was let go after the first season. March 15 to April 14, 2013,

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2 Replies to “SEMINAR (PTC): Grumpy Professor Review”
  1. Please tell me that you did not get to see this show for free with this half-assed musing. I can’t call it a review, since reviews shed light into whether or not the show in question is worth seeing, and this had all the insight and theatrical understanding of a Facebook post.

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