PLAID TIDINGS (Bucks County Playhouse): 60-second review

PT-FI-GIF1The Bucks County Playhouse presents the final show of their 75th season PLAID TIDINGS: A SPECIAL HOLIDAY EDITION OF FOREVER PLAID. A budding 50’s guy group that met an untimely end in an accident find themselves out of their heavenly digs and back on Earth – in front of a live audience. The group Forever Plaid including Smudge (Sean Bell), Sparky (Nick Clearley), Frankie (Ben Mayne), and Jinx (Mitch McCarrell) believe their mission is to perform one last show – but what type of show?  With some hints from some of the greats who went before them, they set out to figure out what kind of show they need to perform and they discover they will finally get their chance to perform the ultimate  show they never had a chance to perform. The show is hilarious and truly entertaining.

Directed by Gordon Greenberg, PLAID TIDINGS: A SPECIAL HOLIDAY EDITION OF FOREVER PLAID is fun and festive. The actors are quirky and truly enjoyed their roles. The choreography (Lorin Latarro) utilized the space and talent to the highest degree. The musicians (Phil Reno, Shane Aaserud) were the hidden stars of the show with spot-on timing and inflection. This excellent ensemble melded perfectly to get the entire audience into the spirit. [Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, PA]. December 5 – 28, 2014;

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