Scratch Night returns to FringeArts

FringeArts’ monthly Scratch Night is a great place to see inventive performance art in an embryonic form. Featuring FringeArts fellows, favorite performers from the Fringe Festival, and local performance luminaries, Scratch Night allows audiences to sample a range of work in a single evening. The series returns this evening with a diverse menu of theater and dance: [FringeArts, 140 N. Columbus Boulevard] November 3, 2014; (look for future dates too).


Preview of The Sincerity Project (Team Sunshine Performance Corporation)
Billed as an “anti-play”, The Sincerity Project explores the vulnerability of a heart-to-heart conversation with first-person storytelling, performance art, physical theater, music, and dance. Previous iterations have appeared as part of previous Scratch Nights and part of First Person Arts RAW. The full-length version will run at FringeArts, December 4-13, 2014 (they hope to make it the first of 13 versions over the next 24 years!).

Team Sunshine's Sincerity Project. Photo by Jen Cleary.
Team Sunshine’s Sincerity Project. Photo by Jen Cleary.

To Watch and Be Watched (Emmanuel Becerra)
Visiting from Mexico City, Emmanuel Becerra presents To Watch and Be Watched, an excerpt his ACERCA DE NADA (about nothing), a work in progress that focuses on “exploring and exposing the physicality of the possibilities repressed by a beast without rules.” Here, Becerra will explore “the possibilities of desire.”

Preview of Violence of the Lambs (Chris Davis)
From the creator of the 2014 Fringe hit Anna K (“funny and insightful“) comes his show Violence of the Lambs, a one-man comedy about the upcoming Animal Apocalypse. Meet Marcus Livengood, comparative zoologist, certified Animal Behavior Expert, as he proves to you that the next great war, will be an Animal vs. Human war. Which side are you on?

The Sophomore Project (students from University of the Arts)
The Sophomore Project is an interdisciplinary dance piece, part of a project by UArts students to explore the physical, conceptual, and visual connections of new work.

A highlight of Scratch Night used to be the free beer. With the opening of FringeArts’ La Peg, a fringey (?) contemporary brasserie, it seems this has come to an end. Never mind, the bar will be serving $5 citywide specials!

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