CHAPTER TWO (Bucks County Playhouse): 60-second review

Photo credit: Mandee Kuenzle, Bucks County Playhouse.
Photo credit: Mandee Kuenzle, Bucks County Playhouse.

The beautiful landmark Bucks County Playhouse celebrates its 75th season with the presentation of Neil Simon’s CHAPTER TWO. Directed by Marsha Mason, the actress in the original film adaptation, CHAPTER TWO is a romantic comedy/drama in the spirit of the Hotel Suite. George Schneider (Joey Slotnick) is a widower who is having trouble moving on after the death of his beloved wife. After retracing their steps of all the places he and his wife had visited, he returns to his home to face reality… and the menagerie of set-ups by his brother Leo (Michael Nathanson) who believes it’s about time George moves on. Among the apparent ill-fitting matches (e.g. Bambi the companionship “pro”), George meets Jennie (Anastasia Griffith), a soap-opera actress bouncing back after a failed marriage to an unsuccessful football player. As her friend Faye (Nadia Bowers) encourages her forward, George is in a battle with himself and his memories, can he move on and make this pair a couple?

Bucks County’s CHAPTER TWO is funny, dramatic, and real. The set (Lauren Halpern), lighting (Zach Blane), sound (David A. Thomas) effortlessly convey the unspoken changes and the many-talented cast enliven a truly enjoyable and intimate production. [Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, PA]. May 22–June 15, 2014.

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