#GPSBODIES (Marcel Williams Foster): Tweet the Rainbow

Image courtesy of GPSBodies

Marcel Williams Foster turns social media and performance upside down, and spontaneous performance, situational intimacy, and social media are the tools you have to curate your own audience/performer experience.

Using theses and other techniques to activate the audience, theatermaker/scientist Marcel Williams Foster takes us on a self-referential tweeting goose chase.

How meta.

#GPSBODIES works like this: between two and ten audience members meet at a central point and begin to receive instructions via tweet. After the initial shock of hitting the ground running – well, actually less running and more group-synchronize-dance-train – the group crystalizes and deligates task to navigate the world of the “performance.”

What happens next is a cross between cat and mouse, courting, and a treasure hunt. Every move you make might be be being watched not only by the performer, but also everyone on the internet or the streets. Part of the performance relies on tweeting your status, and your collective tweets have more relevance than you could ever imagine.

Issues of stalking, dating, collective experience, audience as collaborator, technology as a cultural movement (well, it is part of Philly Tech Week) are all confronted and make the participants experience a complex and stimulating mess of ideas with a ‘choose your own adventure’ flair.

Treat this performance as a blind date, bring your wingman, your cellphone, and a sense of adventure and you’ll find that there is a pot of gold at the end of this virtual rainbow. #zoominontopic. April 6-12, 2014. http://2014.phillytechweek.com/events/gps_bodies.

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