CONFETTI (Gabrielle Revlock): Duets Galore in a Hardware Store

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Gabrielle Revlock Confetti
Photo: Tayarisha Poe

Gabrielle Revlock’s latest work Confetti, a medley of duets that featured Revlock dancing with her peers, her mother and an eight-year old, offered a dynamic and colorful assortment of relationships with her varying partners.

Revlock’s piece and performance style changed shape depending on her pairing with dancers from diverse backgrounds. When dancing with local choreographer and performer Gregory Holt, her face was non-expressive, her actions more task oriented. Partnering with Amaryah “Loki” Bone, a B-Girl, Revlock structured the choreography to fit the format of a battle: you do what you do, then I’ll do what I do. When she danced with eight-year-old Lily Savage, the stage became a playground and the performance expressed innocence. As the duets accumulated, so did elements of the stage design. Each new partner carried on a piece of hardware—a ladder, stacks of crates, buckets, rolling dollies. These props became their toys as they danced through the metal and plastic obstacle course….
January 24-25, 2014,

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