So, Grandma Sets You Up on a Blind Date…

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Silent-ViewAccording to the Telegraph, Kristen Hawkes’ “grandmother hypothesis” proposes that grandmothers’ care, over generations, extends women’s lifespans: “Humans developed longer lifespans and bigger brains because grandmothers began looking after their grandchildren up to two million years ago.” And, according to Time, neuroscientists are finding links between longevity and creativity–people who create live longer because of their creative work. So it stands to reason that pairing grandmothers (even fantasy ones) and a creative type like a dancer or composer would result in a match made in heaven.  At Thirdbird’s BLIND DATES, we find just that in an improvisational sampler platter. With the help of a bingo-ball spinner, our hosts, Fantasy Grandma randomly pair up dancers and musicians who have been assigned numbers corresponding with the balls….

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January 30, 2014,

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