Breaking Bad, sketch comedy style

I never saw Breaking Bad, but lots of people love it. Then again, lots of people love crystal meth, and I thought it was awful. A much better bet for your cold December evening is BREAKING BAD SANTA by Philadelphia’s funniest sketch comedy troupe, The WaitStaff. At least, you’re less likely to wake up after two days asleep with a burning headache, a bed full of vomit, and no pants.

302809-250The WaitStaff has been around for at least a decade, serving up consistently hilarious doses of sketch comedy, including the hugely popular 2010 Fringe show The Real Housewives of South Philly. BREAKING BAD SANTA promises “an hour of irreverent, fast paced sketch comedy for the holidays! This show features audience favorites, The Real Housewives of South Philly, Santa Claus, and the birthday boy himself, Jesus H. Christ!” It’s bound to be irreverent and silly and more holiday fun than a thousand Christmas Carols and the Nutcracker combined. Or a 42-hour Breaking Bad marathon. Or three grams of crystal and a bottle of Jim Beam.

Mention PHINDIE at the door for $5 tickets to the two remaining shows (at L’Etage, 6th and Bainbridge). Also, like these guys on Facebook for a stream of funny postcard posts. December 6-21, 2013,

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