TITANIC (Fulton Theater): 60-second review

Featuring a large cast of fantastic singers, Fulton Theater’s production of Titanic is worth the drive to Lancaster. Telling the story of the infamous ocean liner, the musical came out the same year as James Cameron’s cinematic masterpiece, but tells the story in a more koleidoscopic way. Rather than focus on one love story this Titanic introduces us to several characters from the crew, first, second, and third class. What we lose in character development we make up in first rate staging and ensemble work.

Director Marc Robbins utilizes Paul Black’s set to fantastic effect transforming a relatively unit set on a turn table into every location on the ship. Credit also goes to Jorge Cousineau immersive and effective video design. Given the immense technical demands of recreating a historic disaster, smooth visual projections help tell the story seamlessly. 

The music (Maury Yeston), while not always memorable, is incredibly well sung. Standout performances come from Kevin Early as Andrews, Michael Nigro as Barrett, and Charise Leos as Alice Bean. Some supportings actors tend to veer into the over performative and camp. At times, this can undermine the seriousness of the tragedy we are witnessing. 

Titanic closes May 21. I am eager to return to Fulton to see their next productions: Sheer Madness (until June 11th) and Grease (June 15th – July 16th).

[Fulton Theater, 12 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA] April 20-May 21, 2023; theFulton.org

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