One Day More: Interview with Les Misérables’ Steve Czarnecki

Steve Czarnecki says he is thrilled to be back on the barricade with the touring cast of Les Miserables. Steve not only plays an ensemble member, but is also the fight captain. Born in Philly, Steve has performed in NYC and regionally. He shares some insight on his role and his favorite local spots.

Photo Credit: Johan Persson

Debra Danese: Where were you when you got the news you were cast in the tour?

Steve Czarnecki:  I was in my wife and my studio apartment literally working the 9-5 remote job I had picked up during covid. Within one week, I got 3 job offers to perform again, one of which was the Les Mis tour. I was so deeply grateful to be back doing what I loved.

DD: What song from the show do you most connect with?

SC: This is honestly a day to day struggle. Each song in the show speaks deeply to the human experience. Some days, I am drawn to the glory of the people’s song. On other days  -when I’m in a cynical mood- Dog Eats The Dog really gets to me. It’s such a special show because you can always get something out of it!

DD: What does being the Fight Captain entail?

SC: It’s a really exciting job being the fight captain. You are responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the fight sequences within the show-of which there are about 30. The fight captain runs a fight call every day the show is performed. This involves stepping through the most intricate fights step by step with the cast performing it that night. Sometimes it includes understudies and swings who are stepping into a role for the first time.

Steve Czarnecki

DD: If you could only pick one Barricade Boy to go into battle with, who would it be? 

SC: Such a tough call but I think I would choose Grantair. Not only is he a realist, but he also will always have a bottle of wine to share!

DD: As a Philly native, what’s the one “must see” site you will recommend to the cast?

SC: There are so many! I love a run along the Schuylkill and then, of course, hitting Reading Terminal market for all of the delicious treats! My mother would be upset if I didn’t give a shout out to Termini Brothers Bakery and their tea cakes. When we moved out of Philly, we would have them shipped out to us by friends and family. I was sure to grab one after my wife Liz and I ran the Philly marathon last year!

Les Misérables will play at the Academy of Music on the Kimmel Cultural Campus on November 2-13, 2022. [240 S. Broad St]

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