RECEPTION (Nick Gillette Improv): 2022 Fringe review

Have you ever wondered if the world would be a better place had John Hinkley Jr killed Ronald Reagan? If you think the answer is yes, then you’d be wrong. How do I know? Philly’s physical arts phenom Nick Gillette (winner of 2021’s Fringearts audience choice award for best comedy) told me. Well to be fair the entity from the star Vega that occasionally inhabits his brain did. 

Don’t be alarmed though, this entity is just one of the guys, err rather one of the G.A.I.s (galactic alien intelligence) and is here via an anomaly in Nick’s brain to answer all life’s silly little questions. Be patient with him though because, in Gillette’s own words, the entity can be “kind of a jerk.” But c’mon, can you blame him? How would you feel if you constantly had to field questions from a race of self-centered, semi-sentient, cat-obsessed organisms known in this neck of the galactic neighborhood as human beings.

Reception is Gillette’s one-man, cosmic Q & A that continually teeters between comedy, improv, performance art, and philosophical intrigue. Hilarious, yes—a resounding YES—but Reception also manages to be thought-provoking and even heartwarming. All a testament to Gillette’s prowess as a performer. From the moment he feebly shuffles onto the stage all the way through to the show’s frenetic and truly awesome crescendo, Nick and his cosmic alter-ego are mesmerizing. 

Upon exiting the building, I overheard a fellow earthling remark to their friend about Reception, “life changed.” I would certainly agree.

[The Maas Building, 1320 N 5th St] September 15-25, 2022;

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