Fringe in Sketch: BIG ASS BITTIES PRESENTS… (Sarah Knittel)

Billed as Big Ass Bitties Presents The Sarah Knittel TItty Ass Takeover With Tits and Naughty Bits and Longer Chokes and Jokes and Cokes and Asses. Big. Fat. Asses. The stupidest comedy show you have ever see. This variety show will fill every need you never thought you had and now that you realize you have it, you do not want it. This will be wild. Expect bits. You will see bits.

[Big Ass Bitties at Newbold Exchange, 1727 Snyder Ave] September 8-October 1, 2022 (Each show is different);

Sarah Knittel offers her back to assist Eibhleann Clyne with the boob binding.

Connor Hogan tosses his vest to the audience. Michael Manfroni loves it and Meredith Rathburn wants that vest.

Betty J Smithsonian rocks out in the back of the audience.

Diva Baby eats twelve eggs.

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