Pretty Woman: The Musical’s Jessica Crouch on her National Tour Role as Kit De Luca

Jessica Crouch takes the role of Kit De Luca from Broadway understudy to national tour lead in the hit production, Pretty Woman: The Musical. She talks to Phindie about that transition and the on and off-stage friendship she shares with fellow leading lady, Olivia Valli (in the role of Vivian.)

The Philly premiere of Pretty Woman: The Musical is playing at on the Kimmel Cultural Campus at the Academy of Music now through January 16th.

[Academy of Music. 240 S Broad Street] 

Jessica Crouch

Debra Danese: What are enjoying most about playing Kit? 

Jessica Crouch: I understudied the role on Broadway. I only performed it a couple times so it always kinda felt like I was getting shot out of a cannon. Now, I have the opportunity to rediscover her and really create my own version of this iconic role which has been a blast. I feel like I get to play on stage every night and live out my Rockstar dreams.  

DD: How would you describe her friendship with Vivian? 

JC: I think, strangely enough, it’s quite similar to my actual friendship with Olivia. We genuinely care for, support, and respect each other. Olivia is a bit more of the responsible one in the relationship, but we are both absolute goofballs and you can see that reflect in the fun that we have together on that stage. I also feel this profound need to protect her. “Take Care of You” is our motto both on and off the stage and we are constantly giving each other that much needed reminder.  

JC: Had you seen the movie prior? Yes! many, many, many times over. There is something about it that is still so heartwarmingly enjoyable. I’m also convinced that at any time of day you can turn on the TV and some channel will be playing the movie.  

DD: How did you stay performance ready during the pandemic closures? 

JC: Honestly I probably didn’t. I was very fortunate and found myself with family in Hawaii for most of the pandemic. I spent my time in the water or hiking. But honestly, nothing really can prepare you for being in front of an actual audience again. The energy is just so different than anything else.  

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