How Realistic Dinosaur Costumes are Used in Theater Shows

There’s nothing more jaw-dropping than seeing dinosaurs on the big screen, feeling the terror of a T-Rex as its teeth grind, full of human flesh. 

Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

Okay, that may have been a cheeky white lie. The real dinosaur trip happens on the stage, with performers wearing realistic costumes and embracing their inner prehistoric beast. Getting the costume right on stage takes skill – and using a reputable dinosaur costume company. If you’re here for your fill of Broadway dinosaurs, you’re in the right place. Below, we will discuss some of the most well-known realistic dinosaurs to hit the stage. 

Walking With Dinosaurs

You’re likely familiar with the Australian dino phenomenon Walking With Dinosaurs. The Arena Spectacular was made in conjunction with the BBC and Global Creatures and saw realistic dinosaur costumes taking the stage and embarking on a global tour entertaining families across the world. The costumes are the work of renowned scientists and designers, who came together and created almost 20 life-size dinosaurs including the infamous T-Rex. The show cost an eye-watering $20 million in production and toured for 12 years. If they ever do a final encore leg, don’t pass up the opportunity to see this show. 

Dinosaur World Live

Coming from British stage director Derek Bond, this show brings to the stage a realistic pair of T-Rex alongside Triceratops and a handful of other lesser-known dino friends. This family-friendly show brings a multitude of dinosaurs created by Max Humphries and leading the cast of puppeteers is Laura Cubbit. This show brings the audience into contact with these magnificent creatures, by allowing them to feed and pet them. This show is certainly well-aimed at the younger audience, with the SFX being real enough to enthrall an age bought up on realistic CGI. 

Erth’s Dinosaurs Zoo

This show has similarities with Dinosaur World Live. Made in Australia and directed by Scott Wright, it takes the audience on a discovery journey through the prehistoric age. The concept is simple, the audience gets to meet and interact with the beasts just like they would at a real zoo. This show is definitely aimed at younger theatergoers. Despite its origins in Australia, this show has seen worldwide success and has toured America, UK, North America, and Australia. The guys behind this impressive show work with paleontologists and museums to bring to life scale replicas of the prehistoric age. 

There’s no denying that the dinosaur era is an impressive time to look back on. How we’d all feel if dinosaurs truly started walking amongst us is beyond imagination. However, when the fierce beasts are inspiring us from the big screen and center stage, the feeling is magnificent. The next time you’re on break and stuck for something to do, see if one of these fantastic shows is gracing your local stage. Your children will fall in love with the shows and you’ll find that they probably know more than the adults do. So, what are you waiting for?

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