Modern Types of Dance Popular Among Young People

Dance is a type of physical activity that makes us more flexible, swiftly, smoothly moving persons. Dancing helps young people to feel their bodies and become filled with energy. Also, young people get a lot of positivity while dancing, especially with their friends. Therefore, dancing is a good way to spend our time with pleasure. 

There are lots of types of dances, but if you want to keep pace with the time, you can learn about modern styles of dances. We’re glad to show you five types of them. Let’s dive in!

Free Dance

Free dance occurred in the 20th century as a willingness to merge dance with life. Free dance creators accepted the idea that belongs to Friedrich Nietzsche. The idea is that dance is a metaphor for freedom. Therefore, all movements in this dance should convey the spirit of freedom. As a result, this style of dance became a new philosophy for their fanciers, like symbolism, became a life philosophy for Russian writers in the 20th century. 

Aisedora Dunkan, the creator of free dance, considered that dance should be a part of human life and people should dance as well as do their routine actions, e. g. clean their houses. 

As you’ve guessed, free dance doesn’t have the necessary movements you have to know and use. You may move as you like and dance in clothes that don’t restrict your movements. 

A free dance is a type of dance like avant-garde is the method of art. We can say that a free dance is avant-garde but in dance. 


Shuffle increasingly captures TikTok and Instagram. Young people really like this type of dance because it is relatively easy. Also, while shuffling, it feels like dancers are floating above the ground. At first glance, it’s too difficult, and some people don’t repeat its movements. But if they try more and more, they realize that shuffling isn’t a difficult dance. Also, the rhythmic music helps to feel the rhythm of life and become filled with energy. 

In this type of dance, you mostly engage your legs. Therefore, the best clothing for shuffle are leggings that tight your legs and a hoodie. To emphasize your movements, you can put on white sneakers. 

The simplicity of this dance is that if you’re a beginner and want to dance shuffle, you need to know only two movements you can learn in five minutes. 


If you mix jazz, modern, lyrical, and ballet, you get a contemporary dance. This type of dancing is also called modern dance. Fanciers of contemp follow a certain philosophy. They consider that this type of dance helps people to love their bodies and regulate their feelings by helping with plastic surgery. 

A contemporary dancer tells a story to an audience by using his or her body movements. This type of dance allows you to do some tricks on the floor and to be pulled down by gravity. Contemporary includes improvisations like our life includes accidents. We can say that contemp is a small embodiment of life. 

Jump Style

This type of dance is for you if you like jumping and want to do it beautifully. The main movement of this style is, of course, jumping. And you should add to jumping other legs and arms movements. Some people don’t like jumpstyle dance because they think it’s tasteless. But dancers themselves don’t focus on the beauty of their movements. They want to emphasize the sharpness, audacity, and boldness of their dance. 

The jumpstyle’s main difference from other dance styles is that every country has its own variation of jumpstyle. For example, people in France are fond of jumpstyle so much that they created their own dance style called Frenchtek. 

The classic jumpstyle is an old-school jumpstyle or Belgium jumpstyle. As you see, dancers live by their dance. As a result, there are a lot of jumpstyle communities all over the world. 

Electro Dance

This type of dance got its name because people dance it only on electric music. Some people call electro-dance Tecktonik. Some people consider that the popular dance Tecktonik developed from electro dance, but if Tecktonik isn’t popular now, electro-dance is practiced by young people at parties. 

In any case, if electro and TCK are different styles of dancing, they have similar movements. As a shuffle, you should learn several basic movements and practice adding new ones created by yourself. Or you can learn dancing by watching lessons on YouTube. Like jumpstyle dancers, fanciers of electro dance also have their community. Thanks to that we can say that electro-dance is a culture. 

The Bottom Line

Try these types of dances and you’ll find the style you like most like people find the best essay writing services. By practicing dancing, you’ll become a professional dancer like fanciers of writing become pro-writers on EssayPro. Who knows, maybe you’ll create your own style that will capture the whole world?

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