Mobile casino: Play directly on your mobile phone and claim your bonus

Everyone owns a smartphone. So it’s not surprising that we would also like to be able to place a bet from here. Especially if you don’t always have a laptop with internet connection at hand. Playing a mobile casino is a great opportunity to gamble somewhere online. The main advantage of mobile casinos is that you can always have a smartphone at hand. While you have to carry around a computer, a smartphone is always close at hand. This way you can place a bet at the casino anywhere in the world. But not every online casino has a section available for mobile players. Luckily we’ve made a selection of sites where you can play from your cell phone.

Can you gamble in the mobile casino with any smartphone?

More and more casinos are coming out with a mobile friendly site. In the beginning there were special apps, but many players found it too much trouble to download such an app. The regular site was just usually not accessible to all smartphones. For example, Apple no longer partnered with Flash in which most games are made. This meant that the software vendors had to come up with a mobile casino to get players playing again.

Soon they came up with mobile friendly websites and games in HTML 5. Thanks to HTML 5, you can place a bet from any smartphone. From the internet browser you can visit the casino’s site and log in. You get instant access to the games which are written in HTML 5. Basically you can gamble with any smartphone but it must support the internet. A 4G connection is highly recommended as you can then gamble without any hiccups.

Offer in casino games

The new casino software providers are already making their collection directly in HTML 5. This is usually already just available for your phone. But NetEnt only started making games in HTML 5 later. This means that a part of the collection is available. So the collection will be smaller on your smartphone compared to your computer. Still, all software providers do put a lot of effort into converting all existing games into mobile friendly versions. So the selection of mobile casino games is really growing every day. This means that you can quickly reach a collection of a few hundred casino games. Plus all new casino games that are released now are immediately available for the smartphone.

Casino games are customized based on touch

Creating a casino game for the cell phone is more than just leaving out flash. The games must also respond well to the touches on your screen. This should be just as flawless as playing on the computer. In fact, many players sometimes find it more enjoyable to gamble on their cell phones. They feel like they have more control over the casino game. In a game of roulette, they can drag and drop the chips to the spots on the table. This feels a lot more natural than betting from your computer where you use your mouse to drag the chips into place.

Play live casino from your mobile phone

The live casino still remains a unique experience. Suddenly, you’re sliding into a studio or a real casino in Malta to place a bet. The interaction with the croupier and the game are absolutely fun to experience. The only downside is that this casino game is primarily playable on a computer. But with the popularity of the mobile casino, this is also starting to change! It seems to be getting more and more common to place a bet from your cell phone. More and more live casinos are even opening a special table for mobile gamers. Unfortunately, the games on offer are a bit smaller, but you can still place a bet live. With a little luck you can even choose from Live roulette mobile and blackjack from your cell phone.

Can you play at mobile casinos with the same account?

At most gambling sites it is possible to just play with your own account on your mobile. You also just have the same balance as you play online on the computer. This makes it easy to switch. If you’re on the road, you can quickly grab your smartphone while on location you can grab your computer. This makes it easy to gamble anywhere. When you go on vacation, you don’t always take your laptop with you. But you can just start betting from your smartphone when you’re lying on the beach, for example. You don’t have to create a separate account and re-verify it to receive your winnings.

Special casino bonuses for the top mobile casino

Suppose you don’t have an account at the casino yet. Then you can just create one from your mobile. Only we often see that the bonuses are different. For example if an online casino wants to attract more mobile players they put a higher welcome bonus. Or there might be a special reload bonus if you gamble from your mobile and deposit extra money. So we definitely do see differences in casino bonuses mobile. You can of course take advantage of this when you see that you’re getting a higher bonus elsewhere. Make the most of it when you create a new account. You’re not obligated to play at only one online casino. You can also choose to play at multiple casinos and create a new account.

Is the mobile casino reliable?

It’s natural to have questions about reliability. It is of course a big step to create an account and start gambling. Especially if you are also going to transfer money. It is wise to check the reliability of the casino. On our site we have a list of mobile casinos that we have checked. They are 100% reliable. In addition, we only have licensed casinos in our list.

A license for an online casino

A license is a permit that gives the site permission to start a gambling site. Before they get permission, they have to meet several strict requirements. For example, players must be given a fair chance to gamble. The chances of them winning must be at least 80%. This is higher than at real casinos. In addition, players must be offered fair casino software and the site must have enough power to actually pay out winnings.

These things are all checked and monitored with spot checks. So it is smart to look out for a valid license if you are going to create an account somewhere. If this is present you know the site is reliable. The most common licenses are: MGA, Gambling Commission and a license from Curacao.

Can you deposit money from your smartphone using any payment method?

Basically, all the payment methods you could already use in the casino are also available on your smartphone. Especially iDeal is of course an asset. If you have a mobile app from your bank on your phone you can often transfer money with a fingerprint. Besides iDeal, it is also possible to transfer money with your credit card, neteller, skrill or paysafecard. Your money is immediately credited to your account and you can immediately go out to gamble again.

Which smartphones are supported for the mobile casino?

Basically, all smartphones that can make an internet connection and are strong enough to run the casino games graphically are supported. For example, an iPhone or iOS system should always work. You can gamble not only from your iPhone, but also from your iPad. This is of course a nice additional advantage when gambling online. In addition, of course, all Android devices are also supported. From your internet browser you can go directly to the website of a mobile casino and place a bet.

The advantages and disadvantages of a mobile casino

Of course, there are always advantages and disadvantages to gambling from your cell phone.

What are the advantages of mobile casinos?

The biggest advantage is that you are no longer dependent on a computer. Since the advent of tablets, more and more people find it unnecessary to buy a laptop or computer. With your tablet you can basically arrange everything.

So from now on you can also gamble from your tablet as long as you have an internet connection. Being able to gamble from your smartphone gives you many more opportunities to gamble anywhere. With a 4G connection you can even play a casino game of roulette on the train. Or how about a vacation in Spain? Who knows, maybe you can treat yourself to dinner tonight if you win a nice amount.

What are the disadvantages of mobile casinos?

The biggest drawback we find is the size of your screen. Of course the software suppliers have adjusted their games accordingly. But if you have a smartphone with a small screen, it’s not so obvious. If you have thick fingers, a small screen can also make it difficult to place the chips in the right slots in roulette. These are the main disadvantages. Plus the fact that not all casino games are available for your smartphone.

You should really think of mobile gambling as a snack while continuing to play on your laptop or computer. If you think it’s a nice way to spend your time, mobile gambling is definitely the way to go. But always do this on a secure site and choose a gambling site on our website that is suitable for your smartphone.

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