Irina Varina Knows What You Did Last Summer

In 2020, filmmaker and theater creator Irina Varina had a plan to make a film called I Know What You Did in the Summer of 2020. This ended up meaning that she walked the streets of Philadelphia alone and filmed a lot: strangers, protests, the night sky, her friend Scott Rodrigue. She did nothing with the video until a few months ago, when she asked musician Mira Treatman to write a song inspired by the footage. The resulting four-minute music video gives an idiosyncratic peek into Philadelphia in the strange summer of 2020.

I Know What You Did in the Summer of 2020 from Irina Varina on Vimeo.

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  1. This little bit of pure poetry brought me to tears. It portrays the enduring spirit of Philadelphians in a surreal, wartime like atmosphere. No drama, just layin’ it out their for what it was/is.

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