Common Online Casinos Bonuses

The world of online casino gaming is full of potential, especially when were talking casino bonuses! Casino bonuses are the main reason to check out one site over the other! Yes, most sites tend to offer similar if not identical bonuses, but that doesnt mean these sites are the exact same in every which way possible – try and play Tennis Star Slots. Bonuses can vary in many ways, which is why were going to go through them for you, to cut out the confusion.  

Newbies, all this information were about to give will be perfect for you. Why? Simple really: almost all of the bonuses were going to cover are normally tied to welcome bonuses, you know, exclusives meant for signing up to a participating site. It sucks for existing players, yes, but thats not to say they get nothing. For now though, lets just look at common online casino bonuses! 

Bonus Spins 

Probably the most common of all relevant bonuses. Bonus spins essentially grant you just that, free turns on specific slots chosen by the site youre on. Punters can normally play up to 50 free spins, although the amount of free spins you get does indeed vary. Free spins offer a taste of what its like playing certain games. Did we mention that the cash you earn through this bonus is yours to keep too (wagering requirements apply)? 

Matching First Deposit 

Some of the larger casino sites offer this bonus. Casinos will match your starting deposit up to a certain amount here. For example, say you deposited £200, the site would then match your deposit and grant you another £200, leaving you with £400 to play with right then and there! Casinos will sometimes grant punters a 200% increase to bets, although it is capped up to £500 in most cases. 

Cash Back 

Quite a rare bonus but still worth mentioning. In some cases, casinos will offer a cashback incentive to those unlucky players out there. Casinos are always paying attention to what their users are up to, this includes how lucky they are. Cashback incentives often appear randomly in your account depending on what your game history looks like.

No Deposit Bonus 

Yet another big bonus youll find here, there, and everywhere. This bonus will allow you to play specific slots without a required deposit. The no deposit bonus is often linked with the bonus spin incentive weve already mentioned for obvious reasons. The only difference here is the no deposit bonus can apply to specific casino titles in addition to various participating slot games.  

No Wagering Requirements 

No wagering requirements are fantastic, especially when paired with a no deposit bonus! Youll find that almost all standard bonuses you come across will have wagering requirements, this bonus cuts that out completely. Lets use this example: say you win £100 on a no deposit bonus. Without a no wager bonus youd probably have to put up quite a lot of cash before the money is considered yours and can be withdrawn.

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