The History of The Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed

If you have ever paid attention when a horse purposely gaits, head down, and tail heightened, the animal will step with confident deliberation, showing off a magnetism fit for royalty. The description speaks explicitly for one such creature of grace known as the Missouri Fox Trotter and describes how the equine came upon its moniker. Find details on the breed at

The stunning creature is one of several bred “gaited” horses with smooth, beautiful motions that enhance their noticeable athletic, powerful build. These qualities make this specific creature a superior animal and an often sought-after breed for shows, pleasure, and almost any purpose you would ask of the horse.

In its early days, centuries ago, the magnificent animal made its travels along the rough Ozark landscape, handling the terrain almost effortlessly. The horse worked good-naturedly for the families who expected their stallions to carry massive loads, plow endless fields, and work the cattle.

The horse could work, after which he displayed his majestic presence while responsible for pulling the family in the buggy throughout the town. The animal answered every need with grace and tenacity moving forward through to our modern day.

The Historical Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed

In the centuries-long past, the beloved Missouri Fox Trotter horse breed wore many hats in the family. The animal was critical as a working member, ensuring the fields were plowed and carrying loads farmers could not otherwise handle. 

But these stunning creatures also showed townspeople that not all situations were dire because pet parents in possession of such a stallion afforded a sense of prestige. The creature wielded a deliberate gait and dominant presence while carrying the family among the townspeople.

When these equines walked by with their head bowed and their tails in an upright position, confident in their stance and appearance, people took notice and still do today. 

Gaited horses like these are exceptionally dependable breeds for riders new to equestrian life. The calm demeanor and orchestrated stride make them a controlled, predictable beginner’s tool and safe for those with disabilities. Some other factors to become familiar with relating to this interesting creature include:

Gaited Horse Breeds

Gaited horses have a specific and unique way in which they walk. There are typically three gaits, including the foxtrot, the flat-foot, and the canter. A creature with a specified gait provides a natural, seamless experience for the rider. 

Go to this link to learn which horses are best for new riders. These particular equines are not only good options for those new to riding, but they’re the best choices for people who suffer from chronic health conditions relating to the back, knees, or neck. There is a common phrase for the Fox Trot gait that equestrian’s use in describing the rhythm – “a hunk of meat with two potatoes.”

When Did The Fox Trotter Develop

America experienced a westward expansion in the 19th century. At that point, settlers and pioneers came from various areas bringing their horses, and from these, the new Fox Trot breed developed. 

With the Fox Trotter, the suggestion at one time was that there was finally a horse that could handle anything an owner had in store for it. Not only could these animals travel for extended periods providing a smooth gait, but the animals made a statement with their style and grace. 

The horses were no slouch in working fields or handling cattle but stayed on schedule serving as the family riding equine, creating no fuss over what construes as a grueling load.

While modern times have become less work-focused for horses and more centered on performances, competitions, and riding, the Fox Trotter probably won’t be a sight seen hanging out on the farm or enduring any more long grueling workdays. 

You are also not as likely to see these horses carrying buggies through the town with families dressed in their finest to show off their various privileges based around the horse breeds. Today, equestrians are more prone to use shows and performances to boast their horse’s talents and skills. 

Many people enjoy riding for pleasure along trails and professionally, with equine being among the most popular species for pet parents aside from companion pets. The Missouri Fox Trot boasts as one of the most popular choices for these types of activities due to the effortless ride the animal presents.

Final Thought

The Missouri Fox Trotter horse breed is the official state horse for Missouri becoming the state symbol in 2002, but he has made a name for himself throughout the country and perhaps worldwide. The animal presents dignity and grace set aside for gaited breeds. 

Uniquely, the horse comes from a working background. The animal is one that can do anything an owner requires and does so with a good nature and little fuss. These qualities make an ideal mate for a rider with no experience in the industry or an equestrian with physical impairments. The majestic creature makes himself the perfect tool for use with learning, presenting immense patience.

The equine provides a steady, even pace and a seamless stride, confident in his gait, allowing the equestrian to sense his confidence and develop his own. It is easy to establish a relationship with the Missouri Fox Trotter. That is one reason people seek out this breed. Once equine and equestrian have that bond, nothing can break it.

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