Heaven on Earth premieres new video-music project

Heaven on Earth is a creative project by Philly actor and performer, S. Cummings, now based in Mexico City.

Cummings describes his new project, “THOUGHT HE HAD YOU (FUCKED UP)”,  a fusion of original music and video that “reminds us in moments where we feel that someone or some situation is our enemy, that we are the true gatekeepers of our perceptions and reactions, and that it is our responsibility and our responsibility alone to manage them. What power we hold!”

The video is inspired by David of the biblical David and Goliath story. “We often forget that from time to time, we are David,” says Cummings. “And we are met with what seem to be gargantuan problems. But, something as simple as a tool we use in our daily lives can bring said problems to their knees, if we are but able to remain calm and listen to ourselves.”

The video premieres December 16, 2020, on YouTube. theriseofheavenonearth.com

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