Oil Painting: What Should a Beginner Start With

One of the things that bind people and brings them together is art. The passion of emotions and imagery is a by-product of association with art or love for any artform.

For a beginner who has just acquired the taste to appreciate art, it requires more than regular effort to by-pass the daunting challenges to answer questions like what to buy, where to buy from, and how much to pay.

1st art-gallery is one of the world’s largest made-to-order oil paintings providers. With the in-depth knowledge and unquestionable professionalism, the website helps a spectrum of art lovers, whether a beginner or an expert. Here are some examples which a beginner should focus on.

An Italian Village by a Lake

One of the best ways to get into art paintings is to choose nature as a theme. It is clutter-free with the use of easy to understand shades, colors, and smudges. The depiction of artists is not too analytical and it simply requires an artistic mind to admire the work.

Carl Gustav Rodde has created a picturesque painting with clear demarcation of buildings, roads, and nature. It represents a good promising day in this Italian village. His detailed work on the villas suggests a posh neighborhood with an affinity towards the ocean and peaceful life.

Bringing this ambassador of clarity of thought into the house creates an ambiance of tranquility and harmony for the inhabitants. It deserves attention on the most noticeable walls in the living room. It invites guests to come and open up with the family.

Peacock, Hen, and Cock Pheasant in a Landscape

Another best alternative to a beginner’s guide to art is paintings of animals and birds. With a clear object and surroundings, these paintings allow the beginner to learn to appreciate basic artwork. It also helps them to appreciate animals and birds around them and see them in a new light.

The beautiful shades and dark colors used by Tobias Stranover on the peacock elevates him over the other two birds. His depiction of the peacock’s superiority is visible the way he placed the peacock on an elevation. The surrounding suggests a well-maintained habitat.

This visual treat deserves to be admired and bought by all art lovers, irrespective of their affinity to any art form. It invokes feelings of inclusivity. It soothes the environment of the house and shows the owners as someone with a global mindset.

Mulberry Tree

This is one of the most quintessential paintings done to appreciate art in its most basic and primitive form. To admire a tree by its shades and colors is easy. It is even easier to understand the context in which it is created. For example, the depiction of seasons via trees.

Vincent Van Gogh’s imagery of this tree represents the forbidden love between Pyramus and Thisbe from the Babylonian myth. This depiction of this wild plant represents how God forever changed the color of the leaves after the two lovers died. His desire to focus on this tree is evident from an empty habitat.

This artwork represents the wild, the tamed and the fruitful, all together. It brings a balance of all emotions to the household and shows the owners that it is ok to be sad and happy both. Buying this painting will surely help the owners open up about their lives and live more fully.

The Luncheon (Monet’s Garden at Argenteuil)

The artwork on objects helps beginners learn to admire the intricate work and understand the mood that the artist wishes to create for its audiences. It introduces props which elevate the mood and the importance of the object in its surroundings.

Claude Monet’s luncheon depiction is synonymous with the fine-dine culture that embraces his garden area. His detailed depiction of the cutlery and food on the table shows the expected arrival of an important guest. The well-dressed lady captured in the background depicts an occasion in this house.

Bringing this artwork at home creates a sense of aristocracy and membership to the higher strata of society. It gives out a message loud and clear that the owners are of high repute and any association with them would mean an introduction to the who’s who of the society.

The Godfather – Marlon Brando

Art always goes hand in glove with popular culture. For centuries artists have been inspired by cultural associations like movies for example. It is the easiest way in which a beginner can learn to develop an appetite to appreciate the artwork.

The artist’s depiction of Marlon Brando in a state of calm and poise is exquisite. The use of a dark background with a black suit allows the shades on the skin to shine. Brando’s somber mood and control of his emotions is a powerful statement created by the artist using closed eyes.

Bringing this artwork at home shouts out a total appreciation of classic cinema. It creates an aura of power in the house.


1st art-gallery is a perfect place to start from, for any beginner who wishes to develop a taste in oil art form. A visit to the site blesses you with the incredible paintings that will leave you speechless- https://www.1st-art-gallery.com 

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