Hell-Bent Fer Heaven by Hatcher Hughes (1924): Chosen by Committee Episode 6

Chosen by Committee is the podcast that reads every play that ever won a Pulitzer so you don’t have to… or perhaps so you will too. This week, Josh, Christopher, and John discuss discuss the illegitimate winner of the 1924 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Hell-Bent Fer Heaven by Hatcher Hughes. (George Kelly was robbed!)

Come for the Pulitzer, stay for the discussions of Annie and Real Housewives of New York.

NYC-based actor Langston Darby gets religious reading an excerpt from Hell-Bent Fer Heaven as the villainous Rufe. Rufe is a religious fanatic who’s been staying with the Hunt family. Their son, Sid, has come back from World War I and is going to displace Rufe and marry the girl he likes. At the end of Act 2 (of 3) they argue, and Sid storms off after saying “Goddamn you.” Rufe gives this Iago-type villain speech about his vengeance.

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