SoLow Fest Goes Virtual

Philly’s favorite DIY theater festival is looking a little different in 2020. No more apartment shows or guerrilla venues, instead the experimental performance moves online, June 18-28, 2020. Here are some highlights. See for complete listings at times.

Edith vs. Quarantine: 89 & One Tough Cookie
created by Amanda Erin Miller

Edith Shlivovitz, a ferociously spirited octogenarian, hasn’t left her apartment since Covid-19 descended upon NYC. Through belting showtunes to her taxidermied cat, pretending to be a snake, Zooming with her long-dead husband, and much more, she shares her journey during these solitary months and the lessons learned along the way.

World History with Charlie
written by Charlie Allison
produced by Sewer Rat Productions

Local writer and historian Charlie Allison presents four fresh history lectures. This selection of hilarious and heartbreaking human stories spans the globe and the centuries, each with its
own spin on the 2020 SoLow theme “Jump Ship.” Watch 2 stories followed by a Q&A every Thursday at 6pm during the festival.​

Not My Best Day
created by Lesley Berkowitz

Meditations on miscarriage and motherhood told through word and movement.
Instagram Live @beewitz

Tumbleweed Sings a 60 minute song about Dust
created by Val Dunn & Jenna Kuerzi

Join Tumbleweed, a literal Tumbleweed, as it talks about the dark times (mostly dust) and reminisces about the downfall of civilization one toilet paper roll at a time. There will be
burning bushes and wide open spaces. It’s exactly like the Beatles’ Rooftop Concert. But with less instruments. And way less people. From the creators of Johnny Depp: A Retrospective On Late-Stage Capitalism.

Instagram: @ValADunn and @Lessthanamuffin
Facebook: @Jenna Kuerzi

created by Brian Feldman

In times like these, it’s good to have a VFF.​ VFF explores friendship through one hour video chats. Only 11 people can attend these one-on-one experiences, hanging out over FaceTime with Brian Feldman. As Washington City Paper wrote, “See It If: You want a new conceptual artist friend to hang out with in real life.”

VFF is a modified social distancing version of BFF, which premiered in a sold-out 50 show run as part of the 2012 Capital Fringe Festival.

Write Me a Letter
created by Katherine Perry

Say that thing you never got to say. Send the love you need to send. Scream the things that feel so good to scream. Any letter. Any recipient. Put words in the air. Let it out. Write me a letter.
Letters are submitted anonymously. Pen Pal will interpret.

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