Miss Lulu Bett by Zona Gale (1921): Chosen by Committee Episode 3

Chosen by Committee sees Josh Herren, Christopher Munden, and John Rosenberg read and discuss every play that won a Pulitzer Prize. This week, Josh, Christopher, and John largely disagree about Zona Gale’s Miss Lulu Bett, the winner in 1921.¬†They talk dream casts, feminism, and the crisis of modernity!

This week’s excerpt features Jennifer Summerfield, Zoe Nebraska Feldman, Katherine Perry, and John Rosenberg. LULU (Feldman) has returned from her Honeymoon after a quick marriage to the brother of DWIGHT (Jennifer Summerfield), who is married to Lulu’s sister Ina (Perry). Dwight, Ina, and Lulu’s mother (Rosenberg) quiz Lulu about what went wrong.

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