More Videos of Philadelphia Theater to Get You Through the Shutdown

It’s been almost two weeks since the last theater production closed in Philadelphia. Thankfully, some companies are going virtual, creating new or sharing archival videos. Our last post of videos of recent Philly theater productions proved popular, so we’re sharing another. Here are five more recordings to get you through.

Jeffrey Dahmer, Guilty But Insane, Josh Hitchens

Josh Hitchens’s seriously creepy one-man portrayal of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer proves the tingling power of live theater. He’s since expanded it and renamed it The Confession of Jeffrey Dahmer, but here it is in its original 2013 SoLow Fest staging. Directed by Ryan Walter and professionally recorded by Brian Siano, this version was filmed in the fitting confines of a West Philly garage. The text is largely taken from court transcripts and interviews with Dahmer.


Conversion, Automatic Arts

Before he moved to NYC for the professional conservatory program at Atlantic Acting School, Langston Darby was one of our favorite Philly performers. He takes the stage as a charismatic preacher in this short one-man show by Josh McIlvain.


 Macbeth, Hedgerow Theatre

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in its petty pace from day to day until this goddamn pandemic is over. Dan Hodge directed this inventive take on Shakespeare’s classic, staging the Banquo’s ghost scene without the ghost and bringing an entirely new perspective to the minor character of Seyton. This four-camera recording captures the World War I–style Hedgerow production.


Complex[ion] Woman, Run Boy Run Productions

Part of the 2019 Philadelphia Fringe Festival, this play was written by Emily Gilbert and Tasha Henderson and won a 2016 Hollywood Fringe award. It explores the intricacies of contemporary women of color. From straightening or curling hair to coping with difficulties within the Black community.


Marry, Marry, Quite Contrary, Paper Doll Ensemble

A spoof of ABC’s hit reality show The Bachelor, Marry, Marry ran in January of this year. The hour-long show is full of drinking, self-harm, and eating disorders. The women tear each other down in the name of competition, the audience laughs.


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