Watch OSCEOLA the Film: Stream a recent Philly theater production

Hella Fresh Theater’s production of Osceola ran February 8 to March 1, closing just weeks before all theaters were forced to go dark. Fortunately, the show lives on in these theaterless times thanks to photographer Kyle Cassidy and videographer Brian Siano, who adapted it for the screen.

Written by John Rosenberg, Osceola stars Jennifer Summerfield as a 1950s housewife in Eastern Nevada and Rosenberg as here simple-minded brother-in-law. It’s Leland’s 40th birthday and he has gone hiding at the abandoned family mine. Reviewer Josh Herren called Rosenberg “a master of the one-scene two-hander”, and that skill is evident here. The show was Barrymore recommended; likely for Summerfield’s acting performance.

Musician Molly Robinson recorded a little Doris Day ditty for the credits. Enjoy!

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