Snacking on Free International Films 24/7—but hurry!

Film reel with international flags. Image courtesy of The Daily Orange.

Rather than snacking on cookies and chocolate, I like to snack on international TV films—usually an expensive venture, but one company provides that service free of charge with one of the most exciting programs on public television.

As a result, I have seen films from around the world, including news programs, all in their original language with English subtitles, broadcast free of charge in Philadelphia by MHz Worldview on WPPT (channel 35 on Verizon).

Unfortunately, this free service will only operate till March 1, 2020. However, MHz gives us an additional freebie for a whole week after the deadline. For a sample of their latest international TV series and news, click this link.

Latest offering of 9 international TV series in 8 languages—all with English subtitles

Remastered film and TV classics

International films, courtesy of Hollywood Reporter.

When international classic movies were filmed originally, like Metropolis (Germany, 1927) or The Wizard of Oz (US, 1939), technology could not compare to what computer-generated films can do in our own time. That’s why remastered classics allow a more digital-savvy new generation to appreciate masterful films. Most recently, MHz finished a massive labor of love for one of their favorite characters—the great Inspector Maigret. They digitally remastered and re-subtitled the entire Maigret collection, starring the incomparable Bruno Cremer.

International TV series for $3.99 per month

If you want to watch international MHz programs from around the world on your computer, TV, or your favorite mobile device—free of charge for 7 days and then with 50% off for only $3.99 per month for six months, click this link, using code WORLD20 at checkout. The offer will stay valid till midnight on March 1st, 2020, East Coast Time.

Young film buff wearing an astronaut helmet.

After the first six months, international film enthusiasts will be charged $7.99/month going forward until they decide to cancel. Viewers can cancel at any time without penalty.

After reading and writing from 10:00 AM till midnight on most days—with a few breaks to walk around the block with Niko, my cocker spaniel rescue from Puerto Rico—I like to reward myself with either The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC or traveling around the globe by watching one international MHz film, before shutting down my computer.

Many a night, sending out one more email, I sign off the way Samuel Pepys (1633 – 1703) ended his diary entries: “And so to bed.”

Samuel Pepys, administrator of the navy of England and Member of Parliament—
most famous for the diary he kept for a decade while still a relatively young man. Courtesy of BBC Bitesize.

For questions, contact MHz directly:

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