The Convergence of Films and Video Games

In today’s world of fast technological development, video games and films are the main forms of entertainment for society. People also love to gamble in online casinos, such as Scores Casino. With the creation of the internet as a platform for free expression and transmission, the general public is now creator and influencer. Keep reading to know more about the convergence of film and game production.

Link-up between films and video games

When compared to printed press and films, video games are the youngest media form. It is the first interactive medium where people have control over what happens on the screen. Since video games create new on-screen worlds and contain various characters, they are often compared to films. Hollywood has also incorporated computer graphics at least in a part to hold off the threat that digital media might pose for traditional films.

However, the progress of a link-up between the two is slow because of cultural, logistical, financial and computational barriers. Video games should not be looked upon as the next step after cinema in an evolutionary process because even though they both are visual mediums; they stem from different traditions and serve different purposes. Films and video games are two parallel mediums which borrow elements from each other to increase the consumer experience they offer.

Games based on films are more successful

The convergence of films and video games is already an established practice on a financial level. Major companies now produce films as well as games. For instance, Sony Corporation has Sony Pictures as well as PlayStation and George Lucas company has Lucas film and LucasArts entertainment. However, these companies understand the difference between each medium and they produce two separate products which mutually work together to promote one brand.

According to Jenkins (an open-source automatic server), games that are based on films are generally more successful than films based on video games. This is true because it is easier for players to relate the game when it is based on an existing plot and story. For a film that has to adapt an existing game though, the task is harder because the subject matter is known to the public but there is not enough foundation on what to create an enthralling story. Gamers who have already played the game, have already changed the game’s characters with their own ideas and the ones who have not, often will not be convinced to watch a film based on a video game.


The discourse around the relationship between video games and films emerges from the two media’s common strive towards immediacy. However, with the growing development of 3-D technology and CGI, video games and films have arguably come closer to immediacy than any other medium. Video games borrow the player settings and moods used in different film genres to achieve immediacy and CGI is used to make them realistic. Many games now use cut-senses to establish the initial setting and background story line. This convergence reveals a new field for narrative expression and opens up both media to a wider audience.

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