Things You’ll Like to Watch: A new web series from a local filmmaker

Spice up your weekend with a funny, sexy, and painful web series Things I’d Like To Do Instead Of Thinking About Men from local filmmaker Irina Varina. Philadelphia folks might spot many familiar faces from the area’s stages and studios.

Check out episode one

You can watch all six episodes on vimeo. Enjoy and share.

Written and directed by Irina Varina.
Cinematography by Kate Raines.
Cast: Christina Gesualdi, PJ, Irina Varina, Kujata Nsse, Vanessa Ogbuehi, Scott Rodrigue, Kelly Filios, Anita Holland., Kevin Aoussou, Robert Weick.
Sound Design by Floyd Raynor.
Sound Mixer Bill Drummer
Colorist Anna Marie Nguyen.
Filmed in Philadelphia in Summer 2019

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