Perfect Millennial Leisure: Take Your Pup to a Dog-Friendly Movie Theater

Without a doubt, contact zoos, dog-walking grounds, living corners, charity fundraising events for homeless pets are wonderful events. However, the world lacks dog-friendly places where a millennial could come with his or her fluffy friends and spend leisure time. Still, we have some places in various corners of the world, where millennials (and other people, of course) can bring not the children, but the dogs. 

dog-friendly-cinemaK9 Cinemas (Plano, Texas)

Residents of Plano in Texas are very lucky: now they may not be separated from their furry friends even while visiting a cinema. A new dog-friendly movie theater “K9 Cinemas” was opened in the town. And yes, you can take your dog here disregarding its breed and size. There are comfortable sofas where you can sit comfortably even with a very large dog (like Newfoundland). So if you want to watch a movie while petting your dog on the head, “K9 Cinemas” will be a perfect place.

Although this movie theater does not show new films, it has thematic evenings every week. Besides, in “K9” offers you and your dog the unlimited drinks: wine, whiskey, soda, water, as well as snacks. A ticket to such a wonderful place costs only $15. By the way, your pet will receive some treats too. Nobody will be forgotten.

“K9 Cinemas” was opened by Eric Landsford, who was a financier in the past. Recently, he got a dog, so Eric decided to change his job, which would allow him to spend more time with his four-legged friend. The man said that when he changed his profession, he dreamed of only one thing: to do something pleasant and at least to make others happy, instead of starting the race for money again.

Although dogs are more than welcome in “K9 Cinemas”, still some rules are established. First, you should clean up after your dog. Second, you should bring a certificate that verifies your pet has all the necessary vaccinations. And finally, a warning specifically for lovers of big companies: maximum of two dogs per person. Well, reasonable requirements and they work for the interests of the visitors.

Picturehouse Central, London

Movie theatre Picturehouse Central is famous for its dogs’ cinema shows. Picturehouse arranges filming parties for people and their dogs every six weeks. A lot of people go to the movies with their friends, but what if you have a four-legged friend? So, the management of the Picturehouse Central decided to launch the project just for dog owners. 

This movie theater is located in the West End; it encourages dogs and their owners to watch films together. Movie theater staff kindly provide dogs with bowls of water as well as blankets and comfortable seats.

The cost of tickets for such film sessions is: £5 – for members of the Picturehouse, £8 – for everyone else. The tickets are completely free for dogs.

Eat See Hear Outdoor Screenings, Los Angeles, California

This is the best place where you can bring your furry friend in sunny California, and they will like it. Make your dog happy, bringing it to the dog-friendly movie theater. EatSeeHear is the outdoor movie theater which combines the sun-bathing process with pleasant movie-watching. Your furry friend will appreciate the fresh air and interesting film. The prices for tickets vary from $8 to $21.

EatSeeHear is the theater where all the dogs are warmly welcomed, and no dog kennels 2019 are necessary. The staff of this movie theatre also treat the dogs with delicious biscuits during the watching. If you are not from Los Angeles, try to check out your local outdoor movie theaters, asking if they allow bringing pets there.

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