13 Beneficial Resources for Students to Survive Art School

As technologies develop and become more and more elaborate, their role in education is increasing as well. Creating, studying, and teaching art has always been a hard task because it required different thinking, talents, ability to imagine and see from different perspectives. Thus, new devices and technologies are aimed at easing this task and helping all involved create more.

Many useful resources and service providers have moved online to help their users to the best of their ability. For example, top essay writing service websites provide many useful services and advice for free apart from paid writing services. So, in case there is a need for some review paper or presentation, it is easy to find some qualified academic help for art students as well. 

Specialized art platforms and resources also serve to satisfy your artistic interest or make your journey through art school easier.

Here are some of the most useful resources that can help art school students thrive throughout their education.

14464469223_e9964347f2_b (2)Smart History

This is a platform that can be really helpful for young art historians since it includes lots of videos related to the world’s best masterpieces. These videos and other materials are translated into several languages and can serve both students and curious art lovers.

National Gallery of Art

The website of NGA serves as a repository of the collection the National Gallery of Art has. The reproductions are so well-digitized that you can base your study on the images provided easily. Also, there are lots of written materials accompanying every item available for free. This website serves to facilitate learning and cultivate an interest in art.


The creators of this resource intended to make art more accessible to people through the Internet. They used technologies to present over 50,000 artworks online as well as introduce different authors to the world. Today, this platform has one of the largest art collections available online.

Kinder Art

Those who want their kids to see the beauty in simple things should use the Kinder Art platform. It serves to make children develop their interest in art through games and lessons. The lessons are divided into several groups that depend on complexity levels.


ArtsEdge was created based on the Kennedy Centre and serves to promote learning and teaching arts. There are many videos, lessons, and other materials available online for those who take a real interest in arts as well as for students requiring help with their assignments.

Art Institute of Chicago

This Institute provides a range of services related to art education. For example, adults can attend free courses that help develop their knowledge of art as well as boost their creativity. The topics vary from term to term so you can participate in several different ones.

The Cooper Union 3D Printing

The Cooper Union is dedicated to developing the technological literacy of artists. It offers an online 3-D Printing course where designers, architects, artists, and others can learn the fundamentals of technology and gain some practical experience for free.

Art & Activity by the Museum of Modern Art

The course, which full title is Art & Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art, helps teachers develop activity-based strategies for their lessons. It provides useful materials and methodologies that are translated into several languages.

Museum of Modern Art

Apart from the abovementioned course, the MoMA offers many different courses that are designed for self-education. They are all based on the materials collected from 1880 to 1945 as well as on modern art collections. 

Those who are interested in modern art techniques can get theoretical knowledge here as well. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art

This museum’s website is one of the most significant art platforms that exist in the world. You can seek any particular collection by filtering several criteria. It can serve both art students and amateurs interested in the development of art across history. 

Art Bubble

The Art Bubble platform stores thousands of videos and images from different art exhibitions across the globe. It also has materials from cultural and other art institutions collected from different parts of the world.

The Archives of American Art

Depending on what period of American Art you study, filter the collection this institution has. It is well-digitalized and extensive so you can find materials for almost every research paper subject. You can request materials that are unavailable online and receive them in some time.


This resource serves as Wikipedia for art lovers. Here you can find information on art movements, cultural institutions, masterpieces, sculptures, paintings, artists, etc. Most importantly, everything is available online.

Final Words

With an abundance of art materials and resources available online, it may be hard to find what really fits the art school program and know what platforms are credible. 

It is better to use well-trusted sources provided by reliable and reputable institutions that are listed above. Such an extensive list will surely help you navigate through your art studies and satisfy the thirst for knowledge in this field.


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