FEAR ITSELF (Hum’n’Bards): Fringe review 2019

Fear-ItselfYou’re greeted by a make-up ghost face leading you down an old brick path. At the end of the path you are introduced to our guide of this 45 minute theatrical experience, “Cap”. “Cap” wields a ukulele and sings a soft tune illuminated by a lantern and flashlights used by the audience. Between confusingly rhetorical personal questions like “how long has it been since you’ve felt appreciated?” “Cap” leads us throughout the old cemetery, lamenting us with tales of his deceased co-inhabitants. Along the way, we meet three ghosts who briefly share their story, and sometimes even a small song. These woeful tales begin to entangle, until we are left temporarily guideless. The event culminates in a brief song at the church gates.

In short, the show is a ghost tour through a cemetery with vignettes of ghosts’ backstories which leave you uninvested in any character’s plight. It’s a “spooky” experience for those interested in getting into pre-spooky season vibe, but it feels more like a g-rated ghost tour than a piece of theater.

[Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Church, 916 South Swanson Street] September 12–14, 2019; fringearts.com/event/fear-itself

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