Microsoft Exam 70-532: A Detailed Exam Preparation Guide

If developing Microsoft Azure solutions attracts you, chances are, you will fall in love with Microsoft Exam 70-532. This test is aimed for those with a penchant for everything related to Azure solutions like virtual machines, data strategy, network, and mobile services and more!

So, if you’re up for a challenging yet fulfilling career, start your professional adventure with one of Microsoft’s certification exams.

How to begin?

First things first, if you’re interested in pursuing this exam, then you should have prior experience in key Microsoft Azure solutions tasks, which include designing, programming, managing, executing, and automating. Note, that 70-532 exam is one of the two you need to pass to get the MCSA Cloud Platform credential. The rest exams from which you can choose are 70-533, 70-535 and 70-357. Also, to tackle 70-532 exam you should be adept in terms of utilizing different development tools, techniques, and methods to further create accessible and effective solutions Az-900 Tutorials.

How to prepare for the exam?

Whilst there’s no easy way to pass any Microsoft certification exam, there’s always something you can do to ace the test with flying colors. And everything starts with preparation. But how do you prepare for an exam like Microsoft 70-532?

Here’s a detailed preparation guide you can keep track of to ensure that you won’t be wasting your time while learning new insights.

  • Watch the online prep session for exam 70-532

Getting into the preparation stage can get pretty intimidating―but not if you know what you’re up to. So, before you head to a challenging exam journey, be sure to check out the video prepared by Microsoft experts particularly for exam 70-532. This will give you a glimpse of your exam journey―objectives to be studied, skills to be gained, and benefits to be enjoyed.

  • Ascertain all the exam topics one by one

The most efficient manner of starting your exam preparation is by familiarizing then fully k, the framework of topics begins with Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines or popularly called as ARM VMs. In this area, you will grasp how to scale, design, implement, deploy, and manage ARM VMs. Also, you will be able to implement configuration management as well as design and perform DevTest Labs. The second exam objective pinpoints tasks related to storage and data strategy, which include design, implementation, and management of various Azure files and features. Next on the list is how you effectively manage and integrate application, identity, and network services. The last and the most substantial objective covers Azure compute, mobile services and web apps.

  • Take hold of the Exam Ref 70-532

Get this amazing book from Microsoft Press Store and you’ll be guided throughout your exam preparation. This physical material is the official study guide for exam 70-532, which means it takes into account all the exam topics. Equipped with concise discussions and reviews, you will appreciate how everything is organized strategically for you to get professional-level of understanding. Plus, this book also comes with case scenarios that allow you to nurture your job-role proficiency and real-work expertise. Surely, upon completion of this book, you’ll gain crucial learning on Microsoft Azure solutions that you can use during and after the exam.

  • Maximize the provided online training

For your convenience, Microsoft offers exam takers two training courses. First is the “Getting Started with Azure App Service: Web Apps” that gives you the right skills to host your apps via Azure App Service Web Apps as well as manage different tools and frameworks effectively. The second training course “Building Your Azure Skills Toolkit” is envisioned to assist you in organizing your Azure Toolkit and incorporating various Azure services into your apps. The third training that you shouldn’t miss is the instructor-led course that lasts up to 5 days. All these courses are great follow-up materials after you complete the book. These will help you develop your critical thinking, which is highly needed for Microsoft certified professionals.

  • Avail of the official and other practice tests

Your preparation won’t be complete if you don’t get to answer different practice tests. Considered as your assessment tool, practice tests assist in uncovering both your strengths and weaknesses. Start with the practice official practice test for exam 70-532, then venture into various practice tests from top web sources like PrepAway, ExamCollection, and Exam-Labs. PrepAway, in particular, is a top-rated provider of exam dumps that features the latest questions and answers for different IT certification exams. Their practice tests for Microsoft 70-532 are easily accessible using the ETE Simulator that they offer to download.

Important Note!

Microsoft exam 70-532 is credited toward various certifications―not just one, two, three but four! Yep, so if you ultimately pass this exam, you’ll be compensated with MCP, MCSA, MSCE, and MCSD credentials. However, you only have a very limited time to avail of these certifications because of the on-going transition within the Microsoft Certification Program, from theory-wise certifications to job-role credentials.

Microsoft exam 70-532 will soon be retired but fret not because this has been well planned. Upon the retirement of this exam, it will be replaced by the new role-based certification, Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate, through Exam AZ-203. This credential is pretty much the same with exam 70-532; however certain updates have been integrated to ensure relevant and up-to-date learning.


Keep your eyes on your goals and don’t miss this chance to add Microsoft exam 70-532 into your list of successful professional ventures. With the restricted amount of time before this exam gets pensioned off, take advantage of this opportunity with the help of this detailed exam prep guide. Successful completion of Microsoft exam 70-532 not just gives you award-winning certifications but also leads you to greater heights!


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