Cool as Ice: Cirque du Soleil hits the ice with CRYSTAL

With its new show, Crystal (coming to Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center June 20-23, 2019) Cirque du Soleil® pushes the boundaries of performance, redefining the artistic possibilities of ice.

“Often there’s a formula for certain shows or there’s some cycles that are hard to get out of and what’s so exciting for us with this show is that there’s no formula. We’re doing completely new things.” says Shana Carroll, show director. “The skaters and the acrobats… are both athletes and also artists and there aren’t many forms in this world where that’s the case.”

cirque du soleil crystalWatch as world-class ice skaters and acrobats claim their frozen playground with speed and grace, challenging the laws of gravity with daring acrobatics.

“It’s extremely exciting it’s different,” says Yasmine Khahil, executive producer.. “I’m hoping that people come in not really knowing what to expect and that we just take them somewhere completely different.”

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