How to Survive an Art School

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia's oldest art school.
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia’s oldest art school. Photo by Difference Engine.

Art school is just not as easy as it sounds. Nowadays, our schools should start new classes to let kids learn the new art so that they can make a choice when grown. Moreover, art school means there is an extorting fee for studying.

Of course, you need to work part-time to cover up your expenses. Therefore, it can be very exhausting. If you are going through the same feelings, don’t give up. Because we are here to help you survive an art school. Now, let’s get the deeper view on the topic!

Challenges of Art School

Well, challenges are varied and differ from person to person. Some students might relate to one point and some may not. The following are some of the “well-known” challenges you can face in any art school:

  • Extravagant fees of the art school,
  • Art is always underestimated by parents,
  • Being on the same page as the art teacher,
  • Improper art education at primary school.

Additionally, nowadays, it’s important for a school of art to start a marketing class as part of the curriculum. Simply because it’s so crucial for artists to know how to put yourself out there in social media as well as in real life.

Pointers on How to Survive Art School

Given those challenges, surviving art school college is art itself. The art school is just not the conventional type of academic institution. It is a place for dreamers, people with too many feelings or for those who are passionate about design.

Going to a college for art experience is also tough for some parents because they are thinking of possible long-term impact and what the implications are. Given below are some pointers which may help you fight the unconventional stress:

1. Fulfill the basics

It is very important to stay healthy while you are in school. Having lots of assignments, being creative and make state-of-the-art designs, meanwhile you could work a part-time job, and these all are very difficult to handle. You may also check services for all assignment help. This means that whether you need assignment help, you can get it from professionals. Following are other secrets of some well-known artists:

  • Don’t give up on your goals and vision,
  • Sleep at least eight hours per day,
  • Always eat healthy food and drink water,
  • Make the schedule to cope with routine tasks.

2. Enjoy the art

One question you need to ask yourself is if you have the kind of passion that artists need. Because it is not only about art school studying. Even life as an established artist is quite difficult. Therefore, you need to enjoy art itself but not the riches stuff associated with it. Additionally, don’t join an art school because your friend did so or somebody said it to do. Do it because you really want it and passionate about creating artworks!

3. It’s ok to mess up

Do not pressurize yourself to be the best all the time. It is still fine if your art is not what is appreciated by everybody. If there is something you need, it is to be satisfied with what you do and receive joy from it.

Art school is a place where you learn. Learning process includes failures, so go crazy with experiments, think out of the box and find out what you want in life. Finally, pursue it as a career.

4. Selling art is not a success

Making people gaze in awe of your art is an actual success. Feeling satisfied looking at your own art piece is another success. However, do not run after people to sell your art. This does not mean that you should not advertise your work through social media or by using other channels. You can get exhibitions and promote your artwork on an Instagram or Facebook as an example.

In conclusion, art school is definitely a tough one, but nothing in this world can stop you. You are an artist! As Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.” Therefore, just flow like the colors in this life and be tough during difficult times.

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